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Air­port Courche­vel is one of the most spec­ta­cu­lar and deman­ding air­ports in the world.


  • 1:50h from Wie­ner Neu­stadt

  • Air­craft: Pila­tus PC-12 NG

  • Max. Pas­sen­gers: 6

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Com­for­ta­ble and easy
Enjoy the flight from Wie­ner Neu­stadt direct­ly to the Courche­vel ski area.

Max. 6 pas­sen­gers per flight
No wai­t­ing at the air­port
Generous cabin with com­for­ta­ble equip­ment
Dri­ve strai­ght to the pla­ne

Courche­vel qua­li­fied as a World Cup 2023 venue thanks to its lar­ge-sca­le ski faci­li­ties.

If you are in Wie­ner Neu­stadt we start 5 minu­tes later towards Courche­vel. Only our Pila­tus PC-12 NG can land direct­ly with your fami­ly in the ski area and trans­port the com­ple­te win­ter equip­ment. After your return flight you will be picked up direct­ly at the Goldeck-Flug han­gar in Wie­ner Neu­stadt.

Limi­ted avai­la­bi­li­ty, the gene­ral con­di­ti­ons of car­ria­ge of Goldeck Flug GmbH app­ly.

l’Al­ti­port, Courche­vel

Rue De L’Al­ti­port
Courche­vel — Frank­reich

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