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St. Tro­pez

once a week

We fly to the Côte d’A­zur once a week.


  • Fri­day: 09:00 — 11:15h
  • Mon­day: 09:00 — 11:15h
  • 2:15h from Wie­ner Neu­stadt

  • Air­craft: Pila­tus PC-12 NG

  • Max. Pas­sen­gers: 6

1.000 €
per per­son (one-way)

1.800 €
per per­son (incl. return flight)

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Com­for­ta­ble and easy
From Wie­ner Neu­stadt direct­ly to St. Tro­pez / La Mole. 

Max. 6 pas­sen­gers per flight
No wai­t­ing at the air­port
Generous cabin with com­for­ta­ble equip­ment
Dri­ve strai­ght to the pla­neg 

1x a week
Star­ting in Sum­mer 2021 we fly every Fri­day (out­ward flight) and every Mon­day (return flight) to St.Tropez.

If you are in Wie­ner Neu­stadt at 08:55h, we start 5 minu­tes later towards Fran­ce. At 11:15 am you will land in St. Tro­pez. The return flight starts on Mon­day at 09:00 a.m. and at 11:15 a.m. we will arri­ve at Wie­ner Neu­stadt.

Pri­ces in EURO per per­son and valid until 30.09.2020. Sub­ject to chan­ges.
Limi­ted avai­la­bi­li­ty, the gene­ral con­di­ti­ons of car­ria­ge of Goldeck Flug GmbH app­ly.

Air­port (LFTZ):
Aéro­port Inter­na­tio­nal
Gol­fe de Saint-Tro­pez

31 Rou­te du Cana­del
83310 La Mole, Frank­reich


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